The Weimaraner Club Of America

2020 National Specialty - CANCELLED

Exciting News!

Ever since we had to cancel the WCA's National and show Futurity/Maturity events for 2020 we have been working to reschedule the future show events. Attached is the WCA Board approved schedule for 2021 and beyond.

The 2020 National Specialty will not be held so we will not have a 2020 BOB winner. However, we rearranged the schedule so that instead of being in Ventura, CA next year we will be in Gettysburg, PA at the Eisenhower Complex. Of course, this change ripples through the following years. All the changes have been detailed in the attachment.

Note the show Futurities/Maturities have been 'doubled' next year. They will be separate events with separate judges and awards.

I want to sincerely thank the local clubs for your enthusiasm, cooperation and support during the rescheduling. A lot of time and thought went into a very detailed process.

Please do not call the Eisenhower Complex in Gettysburg yet. We are still negotiating our room rates and terms. We are expecting a large turn out but there will be plenty of rooms available for everyone. We will have a 2021 National Specialty Week schedule out shortly.

Raffle - Unlike some clubs, we only suffered a manageable loss when we had to cancel the Harrisburg, PA site in May. We will be holding an online raffle with a live drawing this fall to help offset the loss. Please watch for details.

Again, thanks to so many wonderful Weimaraner people who made the schedule changes possible,

Sandy West
National Show Chairman

Upcoming Futurity/Maturity Dates

2020 National Field Futurity

December 5th thru conclusion
Ardmore, OK
Contact information: Wayne Cowles ~ sagehowcow@aol.com or Rodney Moon ~ randwmoon@gvtc.com

2020 & 2021 Eastern Show Futurity/Maturity

October 14, 2021
Gettysburg, PA
Judge: Dr. Paul Averill, DVM (2020), Barbara D. Alderman (2021)

2020 & 2021 Central Show Futurity/Maturity

September 17-18, 2021
NorthStar Weimaraner Club, Rochester, MN
Judge: Mary Ellen Macke (2020), Gloria Geringer (2021)

2020 & 2021 Western Show Futurity/Maturity

May 14, 2021
Southland Weimaraner Club, Ventura, CA
Judge: Bob Margolis (2020), Anne Katona (2021)

2022 Natioal Specialty and Central Show Futurity/Maturity

May, 2022
National Specialty Judge: Michael Faulkner
Central Futurity/Maturity Judge: Sam Houston MacDonald

2022 Eastern Show Futurity/Maturity

April, 2022
Perry, GA
Judge: Carl Liepmann

2022 Western Show Futurity/Maturity

August 2022
Enumclaw, WA
Judge: pending

2023 National Specialty

Ventura, CA

2024 National Specialty

Perry, GA