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AKC Gazette Correspondent

About the AKC Gazette Breed Columns

The breed columns are published in the American Kennel Club’s flagship publication the “AKC Gazette.” The Breed Columns are a time-honored feature of the “AKC Gazette” and on a quarterly basis the Weimaraners are represented.

Each columnist is appointed by the breed’s national parent club, which preserves the breed’s standard and helps to educate breeders, judges, and the public about the breed’s history, function and possible health issues. Columnists are asked to write about topics of interest to the fancy in general as well as those of specific interest to judges and devotees of the breed.

The following columns have appeared in the “AKC Gazette” and offer a wide variety of subjects that are of interest to those of us who love the Weimaraner.

Index of Titles/Publication Date
Uncovering Our Early Roots 10/23
Things to Love/Hate About Weimaraners 7/23
Weimaraner vs. Toy 4/23
Finding Our Roots 10/22
A Match Made in Heaven (Scentwork) 1/22
What Makes Him Unique 10/21
I'm Looking For A Weimaraner Puppy 7/21
Back to Normal 1/21
Quest for the Crest of Weimar 1/21
Sign on the Dotted Line 7/20
Weimaraner World 1960 4/20
What Do Judges Think? 1/20
Lest We Forget 10/19
Ready...Set...Summer! 7/19
Growing Good Dog People 4/19
A Life Saving Lesson 1/19
Curb Your Enthusiasm 10/18
My Dog's What? 4/18
Are You Enlightened? 10/17
Positively Stunning 7/17
Where Have All the Weimaraners Gone? 10/16
Weimaraner Owners Are Weird 7/16
Twilight Zone 4/16
Good Grief 1/16
My How Times Have Changed (and not) 10/15
Don't Lose Your Cool 7/15
Picture Perfect 4/15
In 2015, I Resolve... 1/15
A Nail Strategy 10/14
Don't Leave Me!... but if you do 8/14
Don't Buy a Weimaraner 1/14
So You Want To Judge Dogs?
Stack The Deck 10/13
Sticks & Stones 1/13
Building Better Breeders 7/13
Rally: A Bridge to Obedience? 10/12
Weimaraners: Boy or Girl? 07/12
The Dog Can’t Help It 04/12
Run Fast, Run Clean 01/12
Where’s the Fire? 10/11
Ten Signs It Just Won’t Work 7/11
A Humbling Experience 4/11
Does Size Matter? 1/11
Can I Have a Volunteer? 10/10
I Wanna Weimerangger 7/10
How Does Your Garden Grow? 4/10
Rating Test or Hunt Test 1/10
I Used to Have One 10/09
Just Follow Your Nose 7/09
A Rare Find 4/09
Measure for Measure 1/09
A New Dog Show Class! 10/08
Speak English, Not Doglish 7/08
Get a Whiff of This 7/17
A Rose By Any Other Name 4/17
Let's Go For a Walk 10/15
Smile! 4/14
200 Word History