Breeders Briefcase

Breeders Briefcase columns originally appearing in The Weimaraner Magazine

The Inheritance of Dobe Marks

A Beginner’s Guide to COI

A Different Way To Spay

Are Weimaraners Supposed to Single Track

Are You a Breeder or Do You Just Breed Dogs?

Attending Your Dog’s First Show

Back In Time To 1977 11/13

Bad Genes, Babies & Bath Water

Behavioral Development of Puppies and Young Dogs

Breeding For Temperament

Chair of the Breeders’ Education Committee

Do Unto Others

Drugs That May Or May Not Be Used in Pregnant Dogs

Epigenetic Memory:The Key to Nature Versus Nurture

Founder’s Effect

Hyperuricosuria In Weimaraners

Insights Into Breed Standards

Just a Humble Opinion

Knowledge is Power....and More

Mentors And Mentees 1 of 3 3/13

Mentors And Mentees 2 of 3 4/13

Mentors And Mentees 3 of 3 5/13

Patience with the Pet Seeking Public

Producing Pedigrees Not winners

Popular Stud Dogs

Progesterone Values and what they Mean

Reading Pedigrees, A Lost Art? 2/14

Six Pack Abs 07/13

So...You Want to Breed A Litter

Testing Helps Breeders Achieve

Tail Docking: An Australian Breeders’ Perspective

The Foundation Stock of a Breeding Program

The Maternal Grandsire

Timing The Fertile Period of The Bitch 2 of 2 9/13

Top Breeder Genetics

Usual & Customary

What is CHIC

What’s Wrong with the Rib

Why The Stand OutDog Can Be A Loser 10/13

Yours, Mine & Ours: The Value of Co-Ownership

WCA Position Statement On Tail Docking and Dewclaw Removal

WCA Position Statement On Cross-Breeding