The Weimaraner Club Of America


Hall of Fame Rules


The purpose of the Weimaraner Club of America Hall of Fame shall be to bring recognition and honor to Weimaraners who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the breed in the United States.


Must be a Weimaraner deemed to have made a significant contribution to the Weimaraner breed. This can mean exceptional merit in his/her own right or through contributions via his/her get. The nominee must have been deceased at least two years prior to the closing date for nominations.


1. Nominations may be made by any member in good standing of the Weimaraner Club of America. (Forms may be obtained from the National Office or from the Committee Chairperson.)

2. The committee members or Chairperson may nominate dogs. There is no nomination fee for dogs nominated by a committee member or committee Chairperson.
3. All letters of nomination are to be sent to the Hall of Fame Chairperson.
4. Letters may arrive during the months of January through December. The nomination will be considered during the first period for which that nomination is eligible. A check for five dollars ($5.00) must accompany each dog nominated along with the letter of nomination. The filing fee is to be used for record keeping expenses and for the award given to each Hall of Fame inductee.
5. Nominations must be received by the committee Chairperson on or before the 1st of the month, four months prior to the date of the National Specialty (e.g., if the National Specialty is to be held on April 15, the deadline would be Dec 1.) to be considered for that year. Nominations arriving after that date will be considered for the next year.
6. Failure of a nominee to receive approval by the committee shall cancel the nomination for that year. The nomination will be retained for one more voting year, after which it may be submitted again following the prescribed procedure in any succeeding year.
7. Letters of nomination must include the following: (If information is not available, the reason why must be stated)
8. Dog’s full AKC name including all titles. a. AKC number. b. Date of birth, date of death. c. Breeder’s name. d. Three generation pedigree (parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents). e. Owner’s name and current address. f. Summary of history of accomplishments and/or contributions.

Weimaraner Club of America Rules Approved December, 2003


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NFC/NAF/FC/AFC Algers May Day, SDX

Ch Anns Rickey Boy, CD, BROM

Ch Arias Allegra of Colsidex

Ch Baht N’Greywind Playn The Game, NSD, CGC, BROM

Bella vd Reiteralm, CD, BROM

Ch Bert vd Harrasburg, SDX, BROM

Int/MexAm Ch Bings Konsul von Krisdaunt, CDX, PC, BROM

NFC Bitsu von Basha

OTCh Broughtmars Samantha P Smog, UDTX, SDX, RDX, VX

Ch Burt vd Harrasburg, BROM


Ch Colsidex Nani Reprint, JH, BROM

Ch Colsidex Standing Ovation, BROM

Ch Deals Sporting True Aim II, BROM

Ch Dido vom Lechisteinhof

Ch Dougs Dauntless von Dor, BROM

Fld Ch Duke von Gunston, SDX

Fld Ch Fritz von Wehman aus Rockledge, SDX, RDX

Dual Ch/NAF/AFC Gents Silver Smoke, CDX, RDX, VX

Gerri von Fabian

Ch Gourmets Sardar, BROM

Ch Grafmars Jupiter, UDT

Fld Ch Greta von Kollerplatz

Ch Greysport Amazing Grace, UDTX, NSD, RDX, VX ,BROM

Ch Greywinds Jack Frost, CD, SD, V, BROM

Ch Helmanhofs Storm Cloud, UD

Fld Ch Jus Jill, SDX, RDX

Dual Ch Lady Rebecca of Camelot, CDX, SDX, NRD, VX, BROM

NFC/FC/AFC Laines Thor von Time Bomb

Ch Landbees Upland Sabre, BROM

2XNFC/FC Lay Back Nic Chopper, SDX

Ludwig von Weisenhof

Ch Maxmillian vd Reiteralm, NSD, BROM

Ch Nanis Cobbie Cuddler, BROM

Ch Nanis Master Charge, NSD, NRD, V, BROM

Ch Nanis Southern Cross, BROM

Ch Nanis Visa vd Reiteralm, BROM

Ch Normans Rona von der Reiteralm, BROM

Ch Normans Smokey City Heat Wave, JH, NRD, V

Dual Ch Palladian Perseus

Dual Ch PineGrove Farms Brunhilde

FC Redhills Fanfare, RD

Dual Ch Redhills Fanny Jo, SDX, BROM

Ch Ronamax Rajah vd Reiterlam, BROM

Ch Senecas Medicine Man, BROM

Ch Shadowmar Barthaus Dorilio, BROM

Ch Sir Eric von Sieben, BROM

Ch Springdales Rhea vd Reiteralm, CD


NFC/FC Unserhund von Seiger, SDX

Ch Val Knight Ranck, BROM

Ch Valmar Serenade v Wustenwind, BROM

Ch Valmars Jazzman, CD, NSD, NRD,V

Ch Valmars Pollyanna, BROM

Ch Valmars Smokey City Ultra Easy, JH, NSD, BROM

Weimaracres Kipbirtzel,SDX

Ch/OTCh Eb’s Red Hot Seabreeze, UDX, JH, NA, NRD, VX2

Ch. The Rajah’s Magic vd Reiteralm, BROM

Ch. Lightfoot’s Whisper The Wind,JH, NSD, NRD

NFC/FC/AFC Edith Ann von Horn, NSD, NRD, FROM

DC Jo-Ron’s Silber Elch, UD, TD, MH, SDX, RDX, VX3

Ch. Nani’s Win’k Of An Eye, VCD1, JH, NRD, VX, BROM

2x NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Highridge Jesse von Horn

Ch. Norman’s Greywind Phoebe Snow, JH, NSD

FC/AFC Outdoors Tony Lama, FROM

NAFC/FC/AFC Snake Breaks Sgt Schultz, FROM

Ch. Smokey City El Nino, JH, BROM

NFC/FC/AFC Westend’s Li’l Sage Rider, CD, SH, NSD ,NRD, V, FROM

Ch. Greymist’s Silver Cloud, BROM

DC Wynwood’s Rain On The Rise

Ch. Nani’s Indecent Exposure, JH, NAJ, V, CGC, BROM

Michael Weinerschnitzel, CDSDX, RD, V

DC Sirius Really Rosie, JH, CDX, RD, VX2, BROM

TC AFC Regen’s Summer Blaze, VCD3, UDX2, RE, MH, MX, MXJ, SDX, RDX, VX6, BROM, FROM

NFC/FC/AFC Grau Geist Lilith von Legs, NRD, V, FROM

Ch. Rona’s Sea Sprite v.d. Reiteralm, BROM

Ch. Silversmith Harbor Cruise, MH, CD, NA, SDX, RD, VX2

Ch. Nani’s Jagmar Sweet Dividends, VCD2, MH, MX, MXJ, NSD, NRD, CGC, VX4, BROM

Ch. Wing’s EZ Smokey Travelair, CD, RA, SH, CGC, NRD, VX, BROM

NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Snake Breaks Saga v Reiteralm, CD, MH, RDX, VX2, FROM

NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Grau Geist Lil’s Gust v Westend, CD, RE, MH, SDX, RDX, VX, FROM, NAVDHA UT Prize II

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